Currently available in the shop:

1969 Fender Showman-Reverb Amp (blackfaced and orange-dropped) SOLD

1969 Fender 2x15 cab (loaded with Madison 15's) SOLD

70's Silverface Twin Reverb (blackfaced and orange-dropped) $900

***this twin comes with a serious roadcase with castors ****

Peavey Windsor 4x12 (w/castors) $200

Fender Highway 1 Jazz Bass ($900)

Line 6 spider II - $50.  a total piece of junk.  Has vintage speaker in it.  

Carvin VTB2800 1x12 combo.  With new Celestion G12T-75 speaker installed.  $475

***this amp is re-capped and ready to go***




In addition to the items available in the shop we are constantly listing and selling parts and pieces on eBay.  Feel free to call if you are looking for a specific part or instrument.