I like to work out of  Earth Analog in Tolono IL. Matt has a great sounding room, Studer and ATR tape machines, vintage Sphere console as well as a great mic, preamp, and compressor selection. I also work out of my small studio in the back of my shop.  Often times i will track bands on tape at Earth Analog and finish up the project on pro tools.  James Scott at Populist Recording is my go-to guy for mastering.   

We offer mobile recording services that consist of a Midas M32 console and a Mac Pro (Nehalem build) full of SSD's.   We can do your live sound and get a multi-track recording simultaneously.  

Contact [email protected] for questions.  Generally it's $250 a day for recording work.  Earth Analog has rental and lodging fees that apply.  

Examples of work:

Chicago/Champaign Champions of Rock - HotCops!


Urbana's Finest Alt-Country Outfit - The Fights


Indie Shoegaze Crunchers - Withershins