Our staff:

Aaron McCallister - Owner/Operator

I moved to Champaign the summer of 2001.  I have a long history with local music stores and sound companies and spent most of my 20's making a living as a sound engineer.  I moved back to service /repair in 2010 and became the main tech at Analog Outfitters.  After a few years with them their focus became boutique amp manufacturing (check that out!) so i opened my own shop in Urbana in late 2013.   I still do live sound once and awhile but mainly when i'm on the road as FOH engineer for the 90's Alt/Rock outfit HUM.  I play bass in a local band called Tractor Kings and have since 2005.   

Derek Taylor - Tech

Derek is a Millikin graduate and was one of the techs at Analog Outfitters for quite awhile.  Nowdays his main job is making flashlights for the military at firstlight usa.  He's an experienced organ tech as well as our resident Hifi nut.  He does all of our fender rhodes, wurlitzer and clavinet work.  He's our tolex guy too!  He's an accomplished local live sound engineer and has some studio experience too.  If you have a Jukebox you want fixed up he's your man. Derek is part time and usually here late in the day.  

Keith Hall - Tech 

Keith joined our team in late 2016.  He fixed radio's in the military and worked at Frasca for awhile.  He's become our resident synth guy and can put your MOOG back to factory calibration.  He's the most talented musician in the building and has a great ear for tone.  He handles general repairs and has a knack for modifying circuits.   He works here part time during the afternoons.  

Adrienne McCallister - Books

Adrienne handles the quickbooks and pays our bills.  Pretty important!

Our mission statement is repair your equipment at a reasonable price and turnaround time.   If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email.  

[email protected]